The best way how to travel to Albania

austriaLast week I have done my hair at one hairdresser shop in Czech republic. I spent 3,5 hours there, listening  all the people ,who came there, just talking about planning their holiday already! So I said to myself. Its time to share with you how to get to Albania. In this article I will tell you about all the ways we have tried so you can compare…

We usually travel twice per year Czech republic – Albania. Once in January like now and then in June. Sometimes we go by car. Sometimes we fly. This time we came here by car. The good thing travelling by car is, that you can take many stuff with you. As we always do. The journey takes minimum 24 hours!
We stop only if necessary . We  take a short break and then continue. We swap driving with my husband sometimes. I hate driving down in Albania, Montenegro and around Dubrovnik and then in Czech republic ( there are no motorways). So now you know which way we always go. Its Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and finally Czech republic. The way costs us approx. 260 Eur ( one way). montenegro

Ones we went from Czech republic to Italy (Trieste) and we took a ferry to Albania (Durrës). The way took us even longer and was  more expensive. The ferry cost approx. 300 Eur. The journey on ferry took 30 hours! We had about 3 hours delay. I should say Trieste is so so beautiful city! We didn’t have a time to stop there, because we would miss the ferry. But next time we will be in Italy we have to explore it. trieste

We also tried to go from Czech republic to Italy

( Bari) and took ferry to Albania (Durrës). This way was the most expensive because you have to pay the road fees in Italy plus the ferry about 190 Eur. And also it took us ages to get to Albania.

This time we are flying to Albania. I started to look for flight tickets about one month before we want to go. I gone through so many pages offering cheap flight tickets. My criteria are : to not have many transfers, cheap price ! The direct flights are offered by  Austrian airlines only. The price is all the time the same! No matter you want to buy a month ahead or for tomorrow. Great deal for late orders. One adult and two kids over 3 years old is 530 Eur.

The cheapest way to get to Albania by plane is by Pegasus airlines ( transfer is in Istanbul) I don’t wanna risk to be part of terrorists attack. I am travelling with two small kids and this option doesn’t seems to me save at all. So I go for Adria airways it is a bit more expensive (20 Eur). Transfer is in Budapest. Cost for one adult and 2 kids 414 Eur!

Enjoy your journey. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂


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