Albanian X-mas

Christmas in Albanian way 

This year will be for us the second x-mas in Albania. What I have learned from the last year? DO NOT buy x-mas presents on 24th December!! I was used to write a list of presents and just hit one of the big stores ( in Czech) and justalbanian x-mas tree buy everything in one day Ok maybe even less . Thats just impossible here in Albania (only in case you stay in Tirana) . Here I have to go all around the town and chase the presents. With difficulties as parking, traffic ……its takes me at least 3 days and still I’m not satisfied 😦


And the other thing is … It’s so funny…. you can not buy wrapping paper ….They do have wrapping papers in supermarkets, but when I asked them, if they sell it to me. The answer was no! Shop – assistent explanation was the wrapping paper is just for goods you buy in the shop.

We are used to celebrate the Christmas on 24th December. All day from the morning. We watch x-mas stories with kids, go for visits to grandmas, go for a walk in the snow and then in the evening traditional dinner ( fish with salad) and… straight after dinner kids go look for Santa with daddy or mummy, there it comes Santa with presents. We didn’t want to our daughter to lose the faith in x- mas and Santa …. so we had to keep the Czech way Christmas. Our present were not wrapped in fancy paper I had to put them just in plastic bags 😦  Kids were so happy about the presents,they even didn’t notice they were not wrapped properly! But this year I am starting now with buying presents! I have been even looking on Pinterest how to make nice bag for presents in case I will not find a shop, where they sell wrapping paper. Here is what I have found

But here in Albania no traditions like this 😦 No presents on x-mas day, even not on boxing day. What a shame! From the morning females  cook turkey with pshesh to be ready for fancy lunch.xmas-dinner I have heard from my father in law, that  the day should start with breakfast – Petla ( water, flouver  sometimes with egg, bit salt) and fried in the pan. During the day eating meze ( plates with salami, cheese, vegetable…

The good thing is Albanians celebrate the New Year a lot! They give presents to each other, have parties, have fancy lunch. On New Year it’s also No electricity!!! Every year is power cut off…. I have heard its like a tradition now 31th December everybody do fireworks,  even small kids on the streets. ….Last year  fireworks were so loud in the evening. I have never seen anything like that. Even our daughter was so scared! She didn’t want to go out on balcony to see it ( she is 8). That loud it is here in Albania.

I miss so much the snow here! I can see the snow all over the beautiful mountains. The view is stunning, when I cross  the road I never forget to turn my head to see a bit of snow.


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