Pogradec – Ohrid lake

stazeny-soubor-29Escape to nature

Longer I stay in Albania more and more I am loking for places, where I will fell like home ( in Czech republic) places, where grow nice green grass, full of forests…. And quess what? We have found one place like that ! Full of beatifull trees, hills, lakes, rivers and also with many activities what you can do!

Last friday we were thinking, where to go for a trip. In our minds was Tirana, but what to do there? My husbands friend didnt have  time to go around with us. So that was it no Tirana this time…. we had to think about other place. My husband friend suggested Pogradec . Town placed between mountaines and also by the lake. I didnt know about this place anything! How far is it and so on.

We dressed  for a usuall day trip. Now its still really nice weather here you can wear just short sleeve t-shirt and jeans 🙂 So like that we just left our home. We took the road heading (our trip starts in Fier ) first to Lushnje road SH4 then we took exit to SH7 to Elbasan. stazeny-souborJust before the entrence to Elbasan its left huge factory from comunism time. Thats probably the biggest old factory I have ever seen in my life.


Most of the roads are new here. We couldnt stop looking around us and just saying how beatifull the countryside is here. We felt like we are in Austria or Slovenia. Roads perfect including all required signs all the way down to the Lake Ohrid.

The most beatifull places starts from village called Mirake. Its just before you take the mountain road. We continue over the mountaines and aprox after 4 hours trip we finally could see the lake…stazeny-soubor-20 actually to me didnt look like lake it looked like see… yes that big it is! We were standing in the last corner of the road enjoying the view of the lake and opossite side we could see Macedonia. Amazing ! In that moment my husband said: “we could stay overnight…”

Two kids in the car, no extra clothes.. I was lucky I took at least nappies and extra clothes for our small one. But we couldnt resiststazeny-soubor-41s not to stay there. Now you can see why … via photo

Pogradec is not a big town but its very busy…we didnt want any noise, so we didnt stopped there and continued to other village just next to it….we found nice beach restaurant and had a sea food mix and a beer…

kids love it there, they couldnt sit for a second ,they even didnt eat their lunch, because they had to feed a hungry swan on the lake 🙂


My husband started to talk with a local guy ( our waiter) we were looking for a place with a nice view to the lake and also not noisy place, good quality food…. he recommended us a 5 * hotel in Pogradec. We were a bit worried about price first and second about the bussy town. But before we headed to see the hotel my husband find out about places, where is worthy to go. Our lunch with big icecreams on top cost about 25Eur.

After the lovely lunch we took a walk around . On the opossite side of the lake are another small lakes ( Alb. call it Drilloni national park), where you can row  the boat around. I would call it” mini park”. Then we were recomended to visit a place, closer to the Macedonian borther, where a famous actor was born  ( the village is called Tushemisht) her name is Violeta Manushi.

And now to the hotel….the hotel we been recommended is called Enkalana. Its placed right on the beach of the lake. We asked for a room with the best wiew. The room was very nice, but not that clean as its suppose to. The hotel offers swimming pool. We asked if we could use it, the answer was no, because its cold watter there 😦  One night stay included breakfast cost us cca 30 Eur ( couple + 2 kikds).

Anyway the hotel stuff were really nice. We were even asked to repark our car, to not be damaged.

To all visitors, who mind to go to Albania I would definatelly recommend to visit this place …See you soon…:-)


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