How expencive is Albania?

Lately I red some articles wrote by Albanian visitors about, how cheap is this country. Well it depends what standards you are used to and also where you are from . Thats matter a lot.

Shopping centres :

There are not many shopping centres here ( IN Tirana they are), but if you get in one, it’s usually more expensive,than the small shops down the I couldn’t believe it, but it’s from my own experience. If you want to buy fancy branchy stuff be very carefull. I wanted to buy a nice bag I thought about Michael Kors. We went to a shop with fancy decorations and also the prices were high. I was so happy to find this shop because not many shops are like this here. But than I Saw it….. Louis Vuitton bag….I asked the woman: How much you want for this one? She said: 250 Eur. I turned to my husband and I said to him: OK let’s go. Im not buying anything in this shop. Untill now I havent bought my bag yet, because we havent gone to Tirana, where you can find originals.

Rent a flat

It’s so cheap here!! Even you will rent a flat for one year here its cheaper than a 5* hotel for 2 weeks! One month rent in smaller town is 100Eur. But the problem is nobody will rent it for short time.

Food in general

People are used to eat out a lot here. But don’t expect to find many Mc Donalds here!! I know there are in Tirana only. suflaqeThere are so many shops, where you can buy pizza, suflaqe, byrek. 1 slice of pizza – 1Eur, Suflaqe – 1,5 – 2 Eur.

Restaurants are a bit more expensive, but there is better food. We usually order salad, 2 steaks, pizza for kids. All that included soft drinks approx. 15Eur. But again, it depends,where it is. Near the beach is more expensive. I had once spaghetti with sea food on the beach and cost 10Eur only my plate.


Meat is so gorgeous I don’t know why, but I have never eaten better meat, than in Albania. Meat has different taste. It’s very fresh. They usually cut the meat in front of you. Personally I hate that part 🙂 The price of the meat is the same as EU. 1kg chicken breast costs 4,5 Eur. The other meat is slightly cheaper than EU.

Fruit and vegetable is much cheaper than in EU. For example 1kg of melon costs now 0,2 Eur. The best is to buy it at the market its so fresh.



And now I’m so sorry Albanians, but I have to say it .baklava All the cakes and sweeties, what i have tried here were Crap! Everything it’s so sweet and nearly the same taste. To be honest baklava is your best cake.
I’m still looking for a good cake, so if somebody please send me a name of a good cake or a recepy. I will be so glad, because I’m a cake lover!





Public transport its so cheap here, but the problem here is as a foreigner its very difficult to travel by bus. You have to know exact places in town,where are the bus stops. I live here a year and still Im lost.

Rent a car its not that cheap here ( by my opinion) see the chart above. Thats the cheapest what rent-a-carI have found. 1- 5 days is 20 Eur….The best option is to come to Albania by car. But if you do so. Keep in mind to have insurance for your car. The police check it all the time here ( on the boarder and even when they stop you on the road). What is good here, you dont have to pay any road taxes .



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