Religions in Albania


Before I gone to Albania first time I wondered what it will be like? I red 90% of population are muslims and I started to be a bit scared ( cause I am typical blondie with blue eyes )… But I risked it. It was 10 years ago. In that time I remember my future husband was so scared to let me go even toilet alone. What if somebody will steal me? None of it happened and I am really happy for it 🙂

So how its right now? To be honest I’m seeing here just few females wearing burgha. I have seen more females wearing burgha in England.  I don’t even know, who is muslim and who is christian .

People here don’t care. They everybody behave the same! Once I dropped my girl to school here in Albania. And while waiting for the teacher to come, one of the woman asked me: What religion are you ? I answered her I don’t really believe in anything,  but I was blessed when I was small at Christian church. She said to me ahh Ok I am a muslim. I did not know what to say at  that moment. I’m not racist It just shut my mouth…

When is here a muslim holiday ( celebration)  my husband always brings home some sweets from people who celebrate.

Personally I am really surprised how the people make it up here. Well done Albanians!!


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