Seman beach, Dardhe zeze beach

Lets start  with Albanian beaches.Because we live in Fier . Its close by the sea so I decided to start with beaches around here .

on the way to the beach


We go to the beach with our own car but no problem to get a bus to the beach from Fier. The bus goes there every morning ( I can see it from our balcony when its passing 🙂

You are probably asking how to find the bus? Because here in Albania it’s not that easy… no timetables anywhere… no proper bus stops! Where ever you are ask the people where to wait for bus  ( young people  usually know english quite well).

Here in Fier all the buses are stopping at one big round about (it’s the first round about when enter Fier ) located on the way from Tirana to Vlora.

At this round about you can find also car renters, people who exchange money. Check the google maps :,19.5622087,4578m/data=!3m1!1e3

Guys if you rent a car or going to Albania with your own car i just want to warn you!!! When I came here I was in shock! No rules on the roads . Only what works here its lights nothing else.

On the motorbike without helmet, kids without car seats or even sitting with mummy on the front seat !! NO PENALTY but it you drive without your seatbelts you get one.

Lets get back to original ( for transport and rules i will write another articles because it’s a lot to say)

So the closes beaches are calledcesta Seman and  Dardhe zeze ( it’s where we usually go ) both there are sandy. The trip take 15 – 20 min drive from Fier. I have to mansion on the way to beach you can stop at Apollonia. Apollonia is one of the most beautiful Greek ruins in Albania. About Apollonia I will write next time.

Here is the link where about you can find it :,19.389174,9157m/data=!3m1!1e3

And some other pictures

spring 2016


Can you see the pine cone forest? There are some people camping there for free .If you are looking for luxury I do not recommend to go these places!  There are no hotels no beautiful restaurants. Place where you can eat or buy ice-cream its more like small cottage.Can see  the restaurant on the picture? Thats it. No shops, no hotels, no restaurants. Wild beach.


image (5)




At the moment there are so many people coming to the beach. You can meet here so many foreign people aswell. Italians are here the most.

So thats it for today. If any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


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