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Are you about to go somewhere but it can be hard to know where to start when planning your dream trip. What’s the first step?  Travel can seem like a daunting subject with so much information available but not all of them are the right ones.  Longer you go away, the more things you seem to have to think about. I want to make planning your next trip easier.

Finding what you need might seem hard but on this page, you’ll find a curated list of the best tips on this site – whether it’s a two-week vacation , or a year-long trip.


Step 1 Decide what kind of trip do you want to go and for how long

so you tired and want to stay in one place on the beach? Just one week or two weeks? Thats the easiest and cheapest . I would recommend Vlora, Saranda, Durrës ( is the last I would recommend  this town for young couple ) .

exited to explore? tour is your option but count on that you need more money to spent ( travel costs, maybe a guide in the mountains )

long-term staying – you will need to get a job ( English teacher is the best 🙂


Step 2 Find out about necessary paper work ( visa, passport)

get in touch with the embassy of the country you want to go ( in your country) do not search the information only on internet! I had wrong info and I couldn’t leave the country until  we paid penalty ( it wasnt small money)!


Step 3  Find out how much money you will approx need


everything depends on money so if you plan your trip for one week you will obviously need less money then for 1 month.

Prices are from 20 Eur/ per night for apartment without food.  If somebody offer you lower price I would not go there before checking the place!)

Food in restaurants is very cheap you will spent approx 15 Eur /per day.

For  your trip I suggest to have 1000 Eur for 2 weeks for 2 people ( in case you do not want to stay in hotel because in hotel you will spend about 800 Eur for 8 days included food)

Note: All prices are Eur it’s because it’s not any problem to pay in Euros here everywhere! If you change money to Lek don’t forget to change it back to Eur before you leave the country. It’s nearly impossible to change it anywhere else.


Step 4 Book flight ticket, ferry tickets, find out bus time tables                                     (if possible)

so you are already step 4 ! Great job! I found the best option to travel to Albania from Europe is to fly to different country like Greece or Italy and then take a ferry or a bus to Albania. It not the most comfortable way but the cheapest. If you book your flight ticket to Greece in front ( 2 months before) you can get really good price. And then no problem to get a bus to Albania.


Step 5 Health insurance

Are you healthy? Thats great but in a life can happened everything..The healthcare here in Albania it’s not that expensive as in Czech republic or England. You can afford to pay the treatment if you break your hand. BUT  if happened  an accident you need help straight away! Without cash money or without insurance nobody will take you to hospital! So please keep in mind cash on you or travel  insurance.


Step 6 Accommodation

Havent booked an apartment  or a room no problem! By the beach you can always find people who hold paper in the hand ” Apartmani ” or ” Sobe” or “Rooms”. If you cant find any there are so many hotels you can check in for a night before you find something cheaper.

Ask people around you! The people here are usually so nice and trying to help.

Prices are from 20 Eur/ per night for apartment without food.  If somebody offer you lower price I would not go there before checking the place!)

Food in restaurants is very cheap you will spent approx 15 Eur /per day.

Hotels are more expensive  4 * hotel  400 Eur for 8 days included food.


Step 7 Plan your activities

What you can do in Albania? There are plenty activities what you can do.

–  boat trips

–  water scootering

–  diving

–  paragliding ( only at some places near to Saranda)

–  mountain trips

–  there are so many antic places aswell ( Butrinti, Apollonia,..

–  rafting

Now enjoy your Holiday 🙂




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