About me

HI, I’M Jenny!

I have set up this blog for people who want to travel to Albania.  Im Czech citizien living in Albania, town called Fier ( now for 1 year). Im married to albanian guy : ) thats why. When i said to my family and people from work, friends we are moving to Albania. Everybody said ” you crazy”! Its nothing there what you will do there? And poor your kids ( we have two kids : girl Sandra – 8 years, boy Arli –  2 years old)

babi foto1
Albanian ferry

I was used to go to work from 7  till 3 sometimes more, business trips on monthly schedule. Business code dressing, meetings out of my country. I loved my job as Quality engineer . Our daughter been figure skating so nearly everyday trainings on schedule once per week morning at 5 am.  My husband working for the same company as I did. Out of work he started bodybuiling. He got obssed with gym. So we were really busy all the time.

Everything changed just like that… my husband mum got really ill and we had to go…

Now we are here ‘Albania. After nearly one year of living here I have learned the language enough to deal with people … finally im kind of independent !!! I said to my husband I have to do something or i will get crazy…so now im here and writing this blog.

What separates this website from other travel blogs?

Unlike other travel websites, I do not take sponsored content or paid trips. Every place, restaurant, or attractions has been personally visited by me (or by friends).  We go and do the same things regular travelers would do.

This  is about showing you what it’s really like in Albania.

I have red some articles about Albania some of them are truth but with some of them I do not agree at all.


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